Professional Writing Anthology


Slice of Life

Summer Flounder by Ian Mitchell
The beige life and death of a man named Gilbert Theodore Darby.

Lighthearted Landlord by Christopher Sire
I didn’t realize I was alone in the house. I thought my landlord and two roommates were somewhere about, doing their usual thing.


To the Sky by Marli Jago
She was born a pureblood, but will she pass the test?

Snow Angels by Meagan McDonald
A vignette of a young girl’s attempts to seek the help she needs and find even a sliver of peace.


Conversations with Kitchen Appliances by Rachel Small
The next time your toaster starts talking to you, just don’t.


From the archives...


Pathway Problem by Sambo Chilton
TunezUSA by Joe Fitzgerald
Neckbeardery by Sharon Van Wyngaarden


My Book of Regrets by Tiffany Cuddy
Winter by Nick Gibbins
They Don't Speak by Cody Lirette

Slice of Life

The Temple by Ashton Heaps
The Party by Tyler Cooke
Let It Snow by Amanda Pereira
Eidetic by Alex Sundaresan
This is Saturday by Alicia Feizo
Seasons of Winter by Caitlin Bouwma
Bitter Sweet Pizza by Marissa Bryans
Master of Mediocrity by Emily Andrechuk

Magical Realism

Our One Night a Year by Chris Campeau
Ring One Last Time by Meaghan Côté
Sophia by Stephane Moisan
What You Sow by Amanda Simard
Morgan by Phoebe Strike




Dream Fuel by William Cousins
Joyride by Myryam Ladouceur
Bloody Brilliance by Marta Zwart
Skin Deep by Emily Beckett


Fragile Memories by Paulina Grace Hrebacka
Hope by Yushra Khodabocus
Talk by Madelaine Lange-Chenier
Monstrous by Anna Moat
Designated by Stephen Smith
The Burn by Sean Stone
Genie by Gennifer Taggart
Best Friends Forever by Nathalie Cousineau
Over Rolling Green Hills by Katelin Laurin
Emergence by Michelle Savage


Lantern by Catherine Arbour
Battle Fit for a God by John Cutland
To Charm the Sea by Marty Le Gallez
Die Wolfssegner by Rob Sullivan
That One Time I Almost Caught a Unicorn by Allison Van Maren
The Heart of the Swamp by Nicholas Wrixon-Wood
The King by Alyssa Gelata