Dry Humour With Three Olives


Happy F!@king New Year by Natascha Wood
Austrian skydiver and professional lunatic, Felix Baumgartner, once said: “Never accept your limitations—because there are no limitations.”

Let’s Make a Deal by Nikki McKenzie
Have you ever wondered what would happen if a drug dealer and a used car salesman had a baby? Well, here she is.

I Loved the Devil Once by Chloe Vincent
I Loved the Devil Once: a romantic story destined for defeat.

Belts and Cars All Fall Down by Nick Rakowski
The story of an unfortunate man missing his belt and an unlucky kid stuck with his pants down.

A Meth Addict’s Hazy Trip Across the Country by Joan Reddy
Enter into a world of meth addicts, runaway horses, perverts, and psychedelic mushrooms. It is a trippy read you will not soon forget!

A Perfectly Normal Story by Daniel Neubauer
Not all grandparents are great storytellers. Poor Arthur failed to realize that when he paid his grandfather a visit. But come on, he can’t be that bad...right?


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