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A Matter of Time
Delving into the past and becoming mesmerized with the forgotten

Bonus Stage
Game the way you want.

The Fringe Files
Exploring conspiracies, the cryptic and the creepy

Meme Magazine
Real stories. Real life. Real memes.

Murder Adulting
How to kill it as a responsible adult


Nerd Art Online
Your one-stop shop for all things nerdy

Screams from the Basement
Don’t go down there!

VIP Screening
Reserve your seat!

Other Writing from Our 2018 Professional Writers

A selection of reviews from our professional writers

A collection of short fiction from our professional writers

Shall I compare thee to a fresh sheet of parchment?

Sharp tongues and even sharper pencils

Algonquin's finest creative non-fiction



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Dekra Abdo

Sammi Choi

Kira Frazer

Esther Jager

Alanna Larabie

Samantha Mason

Morgan Montgomery

Joey Rego

Kimberly Tremblay

Joel Balkovec

Kyra Combatley

Brandi-Anne Hibbs

Jonathan Jeffrey

Josee Leclair

Kevin Mazurimm

Adam Moore

Julia Rivoire

Ryan Trigger

Bethany Walker

Justin Bemis

Carissa Fortin

Chris Hodgins

Chris Joyal

Shawn Logan

Mary McCann

Colin Murphy

Dylan Roy

Andy Tworek

Amjad Yassine

Marie-Chantal Chamberland

Kaitlin Franks

Sarah Hope

Liam Konrad

Andrea Marchewka

Emma McMillan

Hanan Omar

Kurt Thuot

Jean-Michel Vaillancourt