Bloom by Nikki McKenzie
A phoenix is reborn when it is too weary to carry on, so must we begin again.

Seuss and Loathing in Las Vegas Part 1 by Joseph Petrosky
Somewhere around Barstow, on the long desert road;
The drugs and insanity quite firmly took hold;
A work of parody, you surely can't fine me;
Joseph hasn't any money, he is merely quite rhymey.

It happened. I saw. I wrote. by Holly Williams
Join Holly as she lays out her heart in this series of poems.

Notes from a Chronic Existentialist by Sara Grainger
Take a look into the musings of one poet's existential dread.


From the archives…

Lies and Heartache by Peyton Bisaillon
Ugly Things: A Collection of Poems by Grace Mahaffy
Her Song by Mary-Jane Schauland