Essay Extravaganza


Nothing But Cancer by Shannon Morrow
Cancer doesn't deserve the rap it gets. Cancer is doing a job. It isn't making a choice. It isn't conscious. It just grows. That's all it knows how to do.

The Ray of Sunshine by Holly Williams
Life moves on, but memories last forever. Holly learned this the hard way.

Fidget by Maggie Kendall
That time all my teachers thought I had an attention disorder, and it turns out I just had Tourette Syndrome.


Somebody Do Something by Chloe Vincent
The real struggle of the eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Plane by Tyler Connolly
“What do you think, would you like to go on a trip and take a plane?”

Alienation and Self-Discovery by Joan Reddy
What do you do when you meet your birth family for the first time, and discover they are the opposite of everything you stand for?

The Divide Between Our Perceptions and the Realities of Artificial Intelligence by Sara Grainger
There’s a big difference between the AI we interact with every day and the ones portrayed in television and film, and a lot of us aren't seeing the divide.

Fear and Loathing in Gym Class by Nathaniel Whelan
What started with a pair of safety scissors threatened to come crashing down because of a simple game of dodgeball. How did it get so out of hand? Click to find out!


From the archives...

A Girl and Her Game by Catherine Arbour
You're at Your Best When You're at Your Worst by Sam Chilton
Journey to Bliss by Tiffany Cuddy
A Symposium of Nothing by Tyler Cooke
Fairy-ly Bad by Meaghan Côté
Rockwood by William Cousins
Becoming Me by John Cutland
Ode to Divorce by Joe Fitzgerald
Finding Your Family by Ashton Heaps
The Other Side Of The Glass by Mike Milito
Editing Without Ego: profile of Robert Giroux by Sheila Hill


Noura by Yushra Khodabocus
Reeling in a 30 Pounder by Myryam Ladouceur
The Monster of Bowl Lake by Madeleine Lange-Chenier
To Jeremy by Marty Le Gallez
In Life and Death by Cody Lirette
College vs. University by Anna Moat
Of Grandfathers and Guilt by Stephane Moisan
Not About That Party Life by Amanda Pereira
The Day I Dropped Out by Amanda Simard
Matching Souls by Lynette Wilson


Refracted Visions by Stephen Smith
Jungle of Concrete by Phoebe Strike
Courtyard by Rob Sullivan
Smiley Face by Alex Sundaresan
Nowhere to Go but Up by Gennifer Taggart
Uprooted by Allison van Maren
A LARP to Remember by Sharon van Wyngaarden
Tofino by Nicholas Wrixon-Wood
For the Win by Marta Zwart
A transformation of my life perspective by Francis Rochon
Three Strike Downfall by Alyson Doherty
Fighting with Fritz by Tristan Handley