The Cannelloni Has Stage Fright

Welcome back to Dinners to Die For, where friends come together for dinner and a movie. This week features an Italian pairing of meat stuffed cannelloni and the movie Stage Fright. Now for those of you who aren’t aware, Stage Fright was directed in 1987 by Michele Soavi, protégé to the famous horror filmmaker Dario Argento.

For this meal, one of our guests had several food allergies; so I had to make sure the food was edible for him. As many horror enthusiasts know, death is only funny when it’s cheesy (or in this case, non-dairy). So I used Daiya mozzarella in lieu of a parmesan or romano.

The cannelloni was fantastic. The noodles were stuffed with beef and sauce as red as blood, though more difficult to insert than a drill through a torso. The sauce, thick and homemade, was poured over the noodles generously before being topped with faux cheese. When cut into, the noodle gushed the delicious, rich sauce like blood from a decapitated limb. The faux cheese didn’t melt like regular cheese, but became thick and creamy. The cannelloni was paired with a nice Chianti red wine from Tuscano, Italy. Chianti is traditionally fruity, but we found this wine very different. It was quite literally light as air. There were times where it felt like it never touched the tongue, unlike a pick axe through the mouth. It went well, the wine aiding the rich flavour of the meaty sauce in taking centre stage.

The movie was quite amusing and we thoroughly enjoyed it as well as the food. No morsel was left behind.

If you’re interested in the Stage Fright Program, head on over to imdb to check it out. Join me next time, here on this blog, as we continue to explore horrifically delicious pairings. Arrivederci.


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