Baby Crazy Basque

Bonjour friends. A chill is in the air with winter looming over us, but the kitchen is warm as friends gather for Dinners to Die For. To warm up this week, we had a nice French dish: Basquaise piperade avec des oeufs with sliced baguette on the side. Paired with this French dinner was the horror movie, A L’interieur or Inside - the story of a woman trying to cut out another woman’s (Sarah) unborn child using scissors, but it turns into a mass murder as it goes wrong.


This dish was simple but filling and full of flavour. Basquaise is a type of stew with tomato and sweet or hot red peppers as the main ingredients. For ours I used the sweet ones.

The dinner was served and we sat down to enjoy the film after some technical difficulties. The baguette was sliced and reddened in the Basquaise as Sarah’s house was reddened by the blood of her pursuer’s unsuspecting victims, lowering resale value. The stew was sweet and delicious from the peppers, unlike the baby crazed woman, and the onions and garlic added a burst of flavour. Each guest had an egg baked in the center of their serving, like Sarah’s baby among all the blood and gore. It added a nice flavour, separate from the Basquaise itself.

Paired with this lovely dish was a Beaujolais wine. The acidity goes well with tomato dishes such as this. What doesn’t pair well is a lit cigarette and Lysol spray, particularly when the cigarette is in one’s mouth. To compliment this we had a second wine, la fiole du Pape; it’s bottle is made to look like it was in a fire by being covered with ash. It also went well with the Basquaise, but had a heavier body than the Beaujolais. The dinner was quite tasty, even if the movie was squeamish.

This week’s dinner was simple but elegant, and L’interieur goriffic and interesting. It brought an entirely new extreme to the term, ‘baby crazy’. As one guest commented, “I’m never getting pregnant, it’s too much hassle.”

Thank you for joining us on Dinners to Die For.

Gina Roberts

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