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From Stop to Finish
An amateur experience in stop-motion animation

Omit the Classics
A music obsessive explains why the records you know and love aren't good

Project Paint
The art of not giving up, even though you want to


In Search of Heroes
A weirdo’s journey to find heroes who represent him

Wuthering Bites
An exploration of why I hate Wuthering Heights

Cocktail Hour 

Beer and Loathing
An intoxicating crawl through the Ottawa pub scene

Craft Cocktailer
My passion for craft cocktails made with locally sourced ingredients—original seasonal recipes you can make at home


Dummies & Dice
Tales from my Dungeons and Dragons tabletop

The Smash Brother
The life and travels of a competitive gamer

My journey through the gaming sphere on YouTube and Twitch, and understanding how watching can be as fun as playing

Life Experiences

Dollarama for Dummies
The adventures of a teenage cashier dealing with dimwitted customers

From Grass to Pavement
My journey from small-town roots to big-city skylines

Getting the Edge
How learning swordplay made me a better person

Lessons from South Korea
What traveling abroad taught me about home


Movies and TV

Blood Ties: 80s Horror
Creating traditions non-traditionally: building bonds between father and son through 80's horror movies

Cage Match
Trapping myself in a "Nicholas" Cagemy quest to classify his most iconic "bad" movies

Her Movies for Him
My quest to find girly movies my guy can enjoy

Musical Time Warp
From corsets to drag to genetic modification; a metalhead's thoughts on how musicals have evolved, stayed the same, and what it says about us

Sugar for Your Thoughts
A 20-something's look at just what makes the alien Gems of Steven Universe so relatable

One of a Kind

Death and Where to Find It
Ken Kesey faked his own deathcan I?

Exempting No Substitutes
Ersatz prose about every kind of fake, replica, and simulation

That Sounds Familiar
How I confused and amused people by speaking to them only in quotes from politicians

The Mental Houdini
How I free my mind from this world using safe, fun, and interesting methods. Join me!


Frightened Senses
Everyone I know has seen a ghost—let's hear them out

Grad Watch
Lifeand jobsafter the Professional Writing program

Let's Have a CON-versation
Conventions, big and small, through the eyes of a writer

Thoughts About the World

Dropping Pennies
Reading, writing, arithmetic….and personal finance? A millennial’s thoughts on what to do when it’s not required knowledge

Hedgehog Dilemma
Is making friends really harder as an adult? Alex Sundaresan searches for the answer

Revelations of the Newly Single
Rediscovering solitary life

That One Time I Fought a Unicorn
Holding onto whimsy in a no-nonsense world

The Multilingual Mind
The downside of speaking five languages


Other Writing from Our 2016 Professional Writers

A selection of reviews from our professional writers

A collection of short fic\tion from our professional writers

Sharp tongues and even sharper pencils

Creative Non-Fiction
Algonquin's finest creative non-fiction



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